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Systems Design for the Modern World


From concept to final product, Thomas Data Design has the ability, creativity, and skills to bring your business to life.


Nothing is out of reach whether it's a simple business website or a feature-rich enterprise application. Even if it's somewhere in between, we'll be there to recommend or design the best solution for you.


Custom Application Design

When products don't exist on the market that meet your needs, we're here with the solution. We'll design and build any custom application from middleware to enterprise level systems. Down to the last detail, we'll make sure that your new application is everything you expect it to be.


Web and Graphic Design

Tell the world about your business. We'll provide all the graphic design, HTML production, testing, and installation expertise you need to give you the best possible presence on the web. From small websites to feature-rich web applications, it's all here.


Support Services

Once everything is in and working, maintenance is a key factor in getting everything you need from your systems. TDD excels at ensuring system integrity and success with superior response times and customer service.


User Training

Our expertise in training virtually guarantees that your employees can make the most of the tools you give them. With our expertise in developing custom, in-depth curriculums, you're sure to see increases in productivity and profitability.


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Is your business on the right Pathe?



Enterprise Solutions for Small Business


Picture this…your small business is growing rapidly and you struggle to find ways to compete. Projects are growing larger and more cumbersome, deadlines loom in the very near future, and resources are scarce. To make matters worse, it’s becoming more and more difficult to spend time finding new projects. And if that weren’t enough, the pressures of managing the splintered systems and technology required to do these things is almost unbearable.


We get it…growth can be painful. But it doesn’t have to be - and there are ways to manage these seemingly insurmountable milestones and resources. Pathe Business Ware is designed to do just that. We prefer to think of it as "Project Management for the rest of us..."




Pathe Development News!

We are in the final stages of development for Pathe Business Ware and look forward to releasing our first version on June 1, 2018.  Sign up today for our Advance Client E-mail list so you can be notified first when it becomes available!





●   Developed specifically with the small business in mind our flagship product, Pathe 1.0, is the complete bid-to-bill solution designed to help you track and control material costs, labor costs, and workflow - as well as managing invoicing and collections.


●   Our scalable architecture gives your business a platform that you can build on, allowing growth without the pain of constantly replacing obsolete systems.


●   We've also included comprehensive reporting tools that provide everything you need to know about your work and cash flow - all presented in an easy-to-read fashion.


●   In addition, Pathe's customizable design give you the freedom to accomodate business-specific data or reporting requirements allowing you to streamline your workflow even further.


●   Enterprise solutions, integration services, and training are also available, making your transition to Pathe even easier and carefree.


●   Contact us today or visit our Products page to learn more about Pathe 1.0 and it's companion products.


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Integration made easy...



World Class Systems Integration and Project Management


At Thomas Data Design, we believe that every challenge has more than one solution and we are committed to researching, formulating, and recommending only those solutions that meet all of your requirements in the most cost effective manner.


We'll help you analyze any issue, design a comprehensive solution, identify your potential return on investment, and implement your project, all while ensuring positive results.


Product Evaluation

Comparing potential solutions can be daunting. With years of experience identifying and evaluating the best products on the market, we excel at recommending the best fit for you and your business.


Resource Acquisition and Deployment

From start to finish, we'll help you identify job requirements, interview and qualify candidates, and even design and administer practicum. Our proven processes ensure that your business can succeed with the right employee in the right job.


Systems Integration

You have the solution and are you're ready to move ahead. Our tried and true systems integration planning and implementation procedures allow us to lay out the roadmap and work with your staff to guarantee your success.


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Let us hear from you...


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