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In the spring of 2016, we will be launching a new initiative with our sister company, SummitCrest Technology.

Following several months of development, SummitCrest will introduce and sell a premier software package designed to manage the bid-to-invoice process for contracting businesses such as IT firms, construction contractors, service providers, etc.

The features of this software will include bid management, materials and resources inventories, work order tracking, project management capabilities, and invoicing and financial reporting.

SummitCrest will also provide custom enhancements and user training as required.  Look for it on the market soon!


Projects come in various sizes and shapes.  Whether you are looking to restructure your business processes and systems, need help with managing a third-party vendor, or looking to fill gaps in an organization that lacks the required skill sets to meet your goals - we are here to answer that call.

With time-tested experience in the real world environment, Thomas Data design is a premier provider of the technical consulting and management services your business needs to forge ahead.  From startup to Fortune500 enterprise - we'll get you there.

  Project Management

Milestones are not an issue with our expertise in this arena. We'll provide the leadership your organization needs to manage schedules, finances, and personnel to bring any project to a successful completion.

  Operational Assessment

Understand the true nature of your business and it's utilization of technology. We'll lead the way in determining the true value of your processes and systems and more importantly, how they affect your bottom line.

Contact us today and give your business the chance it deserves to succeed. Make no mistake - we are well aware that your success is our success and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.



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