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In 2009, Canutillo Independent School District asked us to partner with their IT department to perform a variety of services.  Those services included a department-wide operational and technical assessment, a staffing review and reorganization, and Microsoft Office 2007  user introduction and training sessions.

Overall, we received favorable results with the software introduction sessions, and following the operational assessment, facilitated the process through which a new network engineer was hired which incuded interviews and the administration of practicums.

At Thomas Data Design, we believe that every challenge has more than one solution and we are committed to researching, formulating, and recommending only those solutions that meet all of your requirements in the most cost effective manner.

We'll help you analyze any issue, design a comprehensive solution, identify your potential return on investment, and implement your project, all while ensuring positive results.

  Product Evaluation

Comparing potential solutions can be daunting. With years of experience identifying and evaluating the best products on the market, we excel at recommending the best fit for you and your business.

  Resource Acquisition and Deployment

From start to finish, we'll help you identify job requirements, interview and qualify candidates, and even design and administer practicum. Our proven processes ensure that your business can succeed with the right employee in the right job.

  Systems Integration

You have the solution and are you're ready to move ahead. Our tried and true systems integration planning and implementation procedures allow us to lay out the roadmap and work with your staff to guarantee your success.

Contact us today and give your business the chance it deserves to succeed. Make no mistake - we are well aware that your success is our success and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.



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